I fucking hate teeth.

In the words of my Nanna, “They’re a pain when they’re coming, they’re a pain when they’re here and they’re a pain when they’re going.”

Its been 3 weeks of Hell with Tobes. Even the time when he was a newborn and he was feeding every 2 hours for an hour each time wasn’t nearly as difficult to deal with as this. This is the real parenting test for us.

He’s had the checklist of symptoms so I’m 99.9% sure it is his teeth but just when I think he’s feeling better, we have the worst night we’ve ever had and we’re back at square one.

I’ve been trying to keep him in his cot during the night to make an attempt at some sort of routine but when he screams every time I put him down and I’ve been trying for over an hour in the dead of night, I give in and cuddle up to him in our bed.

When he’s in with us, he sleeps pretty well which makes me question whether or not it is actually his teeth, or if it’s separation anxiety and I should be listening to all those people who say, “He’s just at that age where he needs to be left to cry and you’re making it worse by cuddling him”, or just being around him, because you know, babies aren’t supposed to be around their mothers so much. So I leave him to whine, hoping he’ll grow bored and nod off and then he screams and cries (actual tears) and the only thing that will calm him down is a dollop of Dentinox and a cuddle from his Mum. Even when he does sleep, its broken and dotted with tiny little whines of pain and it breaks my heart.

I no longer care that he wants to be comforted by me all of the time, or that he will only chew on bread and not eat anything else, or that our daily routine I am trying so hard to establish goes out of the window by 6 A.M. and hanging out in bed watching Elmo’s World on YouTube seems a much better plan than cracking on with a day we didn’t want to come round quite yet.

It might just be baby teeth to you, but to him and us its the worst pain he’s ever been in.

I fucking hate teeth.


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