Can we all just stop creating these huge divides between the routes we take as parents in raising our kids?

Today Channel Mum have released a new campaign where they are calling out for bloggers to share how they feel about the way they feed their babies, as it as come to light that 1% of babies are being breastfed and mothers who bottle feed feel an intense pressure (coined #bressure) to breastfeed as #brelfies are becoming more popular.

I breastfeed my 9 month old son and at no point during my pregnancy did I feel pressured into doing so. I did this because I (and only I, I know that a lot of my family and friends would have preferred me to bottle feed) wanted to. Simple as that. Even though there were a few people who would recite those terrible words ‘Breast is best’.

I believe the NHS’ ‘Breast is Best’ campaign is completely outdated and causes more harm than good. Medical professionals should only persuade a mother one way or another if it is medically necessary. If you wish to breastfeed they should help you in any way they can before resorting to formula, but on that same line, formula should never be seen as just the back up plan. It is a second option, one which is just as good for babies as breast milk otherwise babies would not survive on it.

Breastfeeding groups are also making matters worse. Isolating a group of mums based on a decision not only makes it elitist and unfair for those who choose to bottle feed, it also puts even more pressure on the mums who eventually pluck up the courage to attend by making them feel like they have to breastfeed for a certain length of time or in a certain way. It instills a sense of superiority and it isn’t right.

There is no route into raising kids you can take without a few bumps in the road. You will always offend somebody and those who comment are usually the people who know very little on the subject. Women who bottle feed should not be made to feel judged or guilty because they either chose formula or had to swap to formula, just like women who breast feed should not be made to feel like they are doing something wrong because they have to pull out a boob when their baby is hungry.

There should only be pride. We are somehow managing to keep our kids healthy and happy and if we want to share photos with the world or tell people about it, we should be able to without feeling ashamed or worried that the recipient will take it negatively. How I feed my baby is not a concern of yours or a comment on how you should feed yours. No more guilt or prejudice, just lots of happy, milk drunk babies whether its powdered or direct from source.


Spread love and milk guys. ✌ 💘

E x


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