Review: Bean Bag Planet

I was lucky enough to win a bean bag from Bean Bag Planet in a competition a couple of months ago, and thought I’d write a review for anyone else thinking of buying one.

When it arrived, it was in two separate bits: the actual beans that go inside the bag, and the casing itself. It came with instructions on how to get the beans in the bag (which basically says you can’t do it unless you have 2 people – one to hold the casing, one to pour the beans in, which is a little presumptuous if you ask me) but with an inquisitive little Monkey around who likes to “help” at the minute, that proved a lot more difficult than originally thought.



After hoovering the beans up and pouring them in (which makes me think why can’t the beans come with a pourer like Ella’s Kitchen porridge packets?), the bean bag was ready to use.

Bean Bag Planet have some gorgeous designs, and since they have a rather handy soft strap part which you can zip on for newborns to use, I decided to go with something unisex in case we get to use it with another baby in the future, and I’m glad I went with what I did as it’s really pretty. Even for a boy.

The bottom section is made of a material which can be wiped clean, which is handy if you ever use it outside in the garden, and the top is a very soft, thin, crushed velvet type material which is perfect for baby skin to lay on.

The only downside I have found with it is that on the website it states it can be used until 8 years old, but even at 1 years old, this is getting too small for him to use! He can perch on the edge, but attempting to sit or lay on it means he just rolls off – and he’s not a big lad! I think it’s perfect for babies, but if they want to advertise to parents of older children, they should really make them bigger or allow the option to pick a bigger bean bag.



If you want to purchase the bean bag we have, click here. It is currently £29.99 (correct at time of writing).

All words are my own and this item was won in a competition.